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Morrison Agen

About Morrison

Morrison Agen was raised just outside of Chicago, on the southern shores of Lake Michigan. After he decided that he was probably not going to be a rock star, he got into the Pro Audio industry, building studios and live sound systems for 100s of clients all over the world. He opened Neat Neat Neat Records and Music in 2011 with the idea that one place could supply any audiophile with both excellent music and the means to reproduce it faithfully. He has since supplied hundreds of clients in and out of the Fort Wayne, Indiana area with sage advice and helpful service for any of their audio needs.

Danielle Andersen

About Danielle

Danielle Andersen was born and raised on the south side of Fort Wayne, Indiana. After spending time living in Detroit, Indianapolis, and Brooklyn, New York, she returned home to the city she loves and joined Morrison in the running of Neat Neat Neat Records and Music. Danielle has been involved in the music industry her entire adult life as a musician and believes strongly in the power of the independent record store as a place of authenticity, culture, and community.

Published on  September 29th, 2017